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Hometown: Montgomery, AL


Hometown: Great Neck, NY

Bo Grady

Hometown: Yonkers, NY


Hometown: Northfield, MA


Hometown: Comstock Park, Michigan

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CC&TheBoys can be hired to provide a wide range of music for your event. From acoustic wedding instrumentation, to Bluegrass or Jazz for the Cocktail hour…we can add anything you can dream up with our large network of amazing talent here in NYC.

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CC&TheBoys 2020 The Essentials

Come on, you know you wanna sing along! Plus, We had to throw some 90's classics in here for all our fans of the good ol' days. We know, it's a thing.

CC&TheBoys 2020 Classic Country

These are a few of our favorite "Classics" written by the best. Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton, The Band, The Grateful Dead... We've got love for everybody. Check us out and us know your favorite!

CC&TheBoys 2020 Rock and Roll

Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Alvin Robinson. We've got what you need.

Wildflowers (Trio)

Check out "Wildflowers" originally by Dolly Parton as performed by CC&TheBoys with special guests: Taylor Plas and Amy Stewart

Tied Up In You (Official Music Video)

CC&TheBoys "Tied Up In You" Official Music Video Videography by Pete Ohare/Editing by Tom Lowery

Call me by my name LIVE at Ole Red

CC&TheBoys performing the country fav “call me by name” at the famous Ole Red on Broadway in Nashville

@ccandtheboys on Instagram

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